May 14, 2009

Survivor’s Law II (Epi 1-10) Thoughts

I started watching Survivor’s Law II about a couple of weeks ago. One thing to clarify is that I haven’t watched its prequel. Usually I’m not a huge fan of TV series, simply because I personally prefer the excitement and that kind of sense of reality brought by big screen. Well, but I think I quite enjoy watching this show.

Sammul’s storyline is sort of sad. Although he’s a very capable and brilliant lawyer, he doesn’t really receive any good chances and opportunities to get his genius and intelligence shined. What he has to face is the conflict between his career and his girlfriend’s family. Well, but there’s nothing to blame. It isn’t her fault at all. She has been such a nice girl and great daughter all the way through. And what really matters here is that she has sacrificed for Vincent (Sammul) so much that all she dreams about is to have a perfect family with the man she loves, for whom she probably would do all the things she could. I think, in this sense, I quite like Selena Li’s character who has that kind of sweetness and quietness in her face. Then Vincent really wants to do something good with his job and to reach that kind of career peak he has been struggling for, the real problem comes up that his professionalism and ambitions hurt not only his girlfriends’ parents but also the woman he loves. That must be some way really hard to take and something really difficult to approach.

I don’t know, but this show just reminds of the Family Man movie starring Nicolas Cage back in 2000(I suppose), which is a pretty engrossing story about “what would happen” and “which is more important, pro-capitalist or pro-family”. Survivor’s Law II may not really go that far or deep discussing such life topics. Yet, I think it still does do a terrific job in pulling off a career-family dilemma facing tons of civilized human beings nowadays. Probably not exactly the same problems or issues, but the “what to choose “questions are all out there. So what to choose, which one can be the right option? I’ve no idea, maybe I’m simply too lazy to think of a possible answer, or more exactly a proper answer. Well, but right now what I’m sure about is that I want to know what’s about to happen next in the show.

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