April 14, 2009

Tiger Wong Snatches the Bride

English Title:
Tiger Wong Snatches the Bride

Chinese Title:

Start filming: May/June 2008

Producer: Poon Ka Tak (producer of La Femme Desperado, Ten Brothers)

Genre: Costume, comedy, romance

Chin Ka Lok - Tiger Wong
Sammul Chan - Chow Man Bun
Louisa So
Nancy Wu - Wong Sau Ying
Rain Lau
Natalie Wong
Gigi Wong
Nicky Law
Cheung Kwok Keung
Mimi Chu
Lee Kwok Lun
Catherine Chau
Chun Wong
Bak Yan
Karen Lee
Irene Wong

# of Episodes:

Poor scholar Chow Man Bun proposed marriage to rich young mistress Wong Sau Ying but was rejected by her mother Madam Wong. Wong Sau Ying have an elder brother Wong Tin Pao, with the nickname 'Tiger Wong'. He got a bad reputation as bully and abducts beautiful women. On new year eve, Chow Man Bun and his friend Chuk Zhi San made a bet that if Bun dressed as a lady to the Lantern Festival, no one will recognize him. As the result, the 'lady' end up being abducted by Tiger Wong. Kidnapped against his will, of course Bun was not willing to 'marry' Tiger. Therefore Tiger kept Bun in his sister's room - creating an opportunity for Bun and Sau Ying instead. The next day, Chuk Zhi San went to Wong manor to look for Bun, and Madam Wong have no choice but to allow her daughter to marry Bun.

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